Stainless Steel Tubs

A stainless steel tub engineered to reduce water and shampoo use and increase safety for pets and groomers.  

About the Product 

Forever Stainless Steel® is the world’s leader in animal bathtubs and related systems. Forever Stainless Steel® bathtubs are the only tubs for animal bathing that are fabricated from Type 304, 14-gauge stainless steel – a thicker, heavier gauge of metal. This makes for a much more solid structure, better quality welds, and better appearance. Our quality of construction is simply unmatched. Forever Stainless Steel® animal bathtubs will not rust or deteriorate.

Designed with Pets in Mind 

Forever Stainless Steel® has brought innovation to the animal bathing process with a number of patented features that include methods to reduce water and shampoo use, keep hair out of drains, and increase safety and ergonomics for bathers and pets. These features are available only on Forever Stainless Steel® tubs.