Hanvey Grooming Vans

Hanvey Grooming Vans...
are on the leading edge of mobile business van electrical power technology. Our inverter power system is beyond belief and trusted by our Hanvey Mobile Veterinarians who regularly perform life and death procedures.  Hanvey Mobile Medical Labs that work on humans, demand a Hanvey dual inverter system for its 100% reliability.  Generators simply can not be trusted for these services so why would a groomer trust their livelihood to a troublesome, loud, high fuel use generator. Ask any generator based van owner with more than three years of service on their van and let them share their difficult story with you.

Hanvey Grooming Vans...
are available in Sprinter, Dodge Promaster and Ford Transit vans. The thing we love about the Sprinter model is its unmatched durability, ride, comfort and fuel economy of 19-21 mpg! It literally rides as comfortable and drives as easy as a very nice full sized car.

Ram Promaster

Hanvey Grooming Vans...
use the finest and most reliable grooming equipment available. An electric grooming table that goes as low and 7" and as high as 43" and include the famous stainless steel LIPSystem grooming arm and supports.

Low Boy Electric Table



Hanvey Grooming Van tubs are another fine example of our pursuit of excellence and to making your job easier. It is manufactured with thick, 14 gauge 304 stainless steel and custom designed to our spec' by  The quality of their fabrication is unmatched and well worth the $2500 cost to us. We even add a removable side to allow dogs to walk from the table directly into the tub.

Hanvey Mobile Tub with Removable Lexan Side


We are in constant pursuit of giving you the best mobile grooming experience...
Please view our photo gallery below to see more details on the many incredible features found in a Hanvey Grooming Van. 

Hanvey Grooming Vans...
have the lowest clearance on the market making the drive so easy. Now you don't have to park and walk into the bank or restaurant. Use any drive thru as long as it is the standard 9 foot clearance or higher. You will also be well out of reach of most tree limbs even in the most overgrown neighborhood. This is impossible in a competing grooming truck that is well over 10 feet tall. 


Change your interior color design as often as your fashion tastes demand.

Hanvey Grooming Vans...
Change you interior color as often as you change shoes, if you like.
Hanvey is the only design to offer the greatest flexibility in customizable interior color and design schemes so you can "doll up" your interior to your taste. Yes, we realize that most groomers love having their favorite color on the inside of the van but... what if you later discover another favorite color? Our color graphics are REMOVABLE and a new design can be installed in just a few hour.  This changeable color schemes is a Hanvey exclusive for those of us who thrive on fashion change.


  • Hanvey Grooming Vans have triple the available wall surface for customizable interior graphic designs. 
  • State of the art LED Lighting is designed to make your selected colors look their best.   
  • Hanvey has one of the best graphic design teams and highest resolution printers available. We bring your visual dreams to life!
  • Exterior grade "graphics" vinyl eliminates permanent odor problems found with padded upholstery vinyl.  A Hanvey grooming van never uses "marine grade", fiber fill, padded upholstery vinyl. Padded "marine grade" vinyl requires regular sun drenched drying in open air to prevent smelly souring due to absorbed moisture and dog skin oils. Save the "marine grade vinyl" for boats. We use the same type of material you see decorating the outside of all of the vans you see on this website. They will last the life of the van and never smell and you can change the color scheme anytime the mood hits you. 

Other Key Hanvey Advantages

  • 7 Year interior warranty! Our exclusive waterproof interior carries a 7 year warranty.
  • Hanvey grooming vans are engineered to do the job right the first time. Hanvey vans are designed by real engineers who listened to the needs of thousands of professional mobile groomers.  
  • Again, thousands of groomers had input into every aspect of the design.
  • A Hanvey standard size Sprinter and Promaster will fit in a normal parking space and has a large enough interior to accommodate two groomers working at the same time. No one else can offers this.
  • When two groomers work in the standard size Hanvey Grooming Van, each groomer has their own 16 square feet of floor work space. A Hanvey exclusive.
  • All conversion equipment is design for simple and easy tool free(where possible) maintenance to reduce down time. You never have to go to an RV service center. RV and generator service centers are notorious for taking their time even when they are aware that your van is your livelihood. This is why Hanvey engineered RV and generator servicing out of our design.

Hanvey Mobile Business Vans  

In addition to Hanvey grooming van, we design and build other "unique", cutting edge mobile business facilities including: