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The Bathing Beauty™ Power Bathing System


The Hanvey Bathing Beauty™ is a professional, commercial grade, deep coat cleansing, pet power bathing system designed to make your job easier and more profitable. In short, better clean, easier job, more money in your pocket.


This carefully engineered piece of equipment is a great money making and money saving tool that pays for itself! Most groomers can buy a Bathing Beauty with the money they make in just two days of grooming!

Groomers LOVE it, because of its many benefits including the now famous "Hydro Massage" action that dogs love!  

The Bathing Beauty™ is an amazing grooming product, that will cut dog bathing time in half, save hot water and shampoo consumption and get the pet's coat cleaner than your 10 fingers ever can. The results will blow your mind!


Dogs love the hydro-massage action of the Bathing Beauty™ and will be more relaxed for their entire visit. Imagine all of your dogs calm and relaxed in the tub and on the table! The Bathing Beauty™ System also has de-shedding technology that works for many types of coats, so no dog gets left behind. You’ll love this “one size fits all” solution to commonplace bathing problems.


For each groom, fill your tub with 1-2 gallons of fresh, warm water, making sure that the Bathing Beauty™ is submerged in about 1 to 2 inches of water. 

Add whatever shampoo concentrate you know, trust and love directly into the water. The Bathing Beauty™ does the pre-mixing for you! Yes! No more premixing!

Using the high tech, safe, non-electical hand or foot actuated air bulb switch to turn on your Bathing Beauty™, the water automatically blends the shampoo and water and distribute the shampoo solution under high flow and pressure to deep cleanse the dirtiest of pet coats. No hand or finger scrubbing required because the powerful, soapy water action does the work for you! Your shoulder, neck and back muscles will thank you!

UNDERSTANDING THE RECIRULATING PROCESS(watch the video below for clarity)

Hand scrubbing only scrubbs the grime in to the coat while the Bathing Beauty™ removes it from the coat and into the water waiting for a rinse down the drain. The Bathing Beauty™ reduces water consumption, energy heating water due to reduced water usage, enviromentally friendly and saves you money! Can we say, "Dogs love it!"  How does it work? The Bathing Beauty™ works like your washing machine or dishwasher. The Bathing Beauty™ system recirculates fresh, clean, high pressure, high volume soapy water deep into the thickest coat to blast the dirt, grime and loose hair out and into the tub.  Just like your dish washer, the soap's job is to lift dirt and debris and capture it in the water.  It’s the "Rinse Cycle"  that flushing all the grime away. Therefore, the Bathing Beauty™ is designed for use during the bathing cycle only.

For your "Rinse Cycle", use your existing fresh water sprayer nozzle for a fresh clean water rinse to remove the used cleaning solution from the coat leaving a squeeky clean fresh coat for faster drying.


How the Bathing Beauty™ is going to SAVE you money and MAKE you money!!


Time is money, we all know that!

WASH FASTER: When you are using the Bathing Beauty™, you will wash faster because the system is doing the washing and scrubbing for you!

RINSE FASTER: You will fully utilize your shampoo, which means bubbles are gone and you will not have spots where there is more shampoo in one area vs another. Rinse time is significantly reduced up to 75%!

DRY FASTER: Because of the shampoo being deeply penetrated through the system, the pet's coat gets cleaner which allows for quicker dry times. Also, you can eliminate a lot of undercoat. So overall, less hair to dry.


The Bathing Beauty™ creates its own water pressure. So when the pressure is combined with our unique nozzle design along with the shampoo, you're able to obtain a deep coat cleansing that traditional hand washing and other systems can't provide.

You will get your dog's coat cleaner than 10 fingers ever can!


No pre-wetting needed! The Bathing Beauty™ also creates its own amazing high volume and high water pressure which ensures the deepest clean!


CALMER DOGS: Dogs prefer the Bathing Beauty's™ water fingers vs human fingers. They become more relaxed for the entire visit, which makes the whole grooming process more enjoyable for everyone!

HYDRO MASSAGE: You are able to provide your clients with Hydro Massage automatically. You take the spray nozzle and move it closer and further away creating a massage action. You can use this feature as an additional service charging an additional $1.00 a min or to set yourself apart from your competition! Advertise that every pet gets a Hydro Massage session!


The Bathing Beauty™ is relaxing for you too! No finger scrubbing or hand scrubbing! Let the powerful water action do it for you. No more neck, shoulder, or hand pain. You can actually have nice fingernails! Work smarter not harder. Let your Bathing Beauty™ do the hard work for you!


Yes, you can also use whatever shampoo you know, trust, and love! Typically most groomers use way too much shampoo. SO MUCH MONEY GOING DOWN THE DRAIN!

The Bathing Beauty System will completely change the way you use your shampoo. No more pre-diluting shampoo! Simply squirt the concentrated shampoo you know, trust, and love directly into the tub and the Bathing Beauty will dilute it for you during the bathing process. This will reduce your shampoo usage dramatically; you will be getting the most out of every drop.


Most water consumed is during the rinse cycle. Since rinsing is so quick after using your Bathing Beauty™, you consume significantly less water. Also, you won’t run out of hot water, because your usage is so low that your hot water tank has time to replenish. 

LOWER WATER BILL because you'll use less water and a LOWER ELECTRIC BILL because your hot water tank won't have to work so hard to keep up!

  • Easy to use / plug in (110/120 V outlet) and groom
  • High flex hose
  • Variable water flow control
  • Air bulb off/on switch
  • Creates own water pressure
  • Built in GFI for double shock protection
  • Remote – easily move from one area to another

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Our Promise to You

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Customer Reviews

"It has cut a tremendous amount of pre-brushing and combing time on all our grooms and on the double coated breeds has also taken out tons of loose hair and tangles. Great product for Cockers, Terriers, Lhasas, Shih Tzus and even the smooth and long coat Chihuahuas enjoy the relaxing bath. Keep the wonderful products coming our way."
- Velvet Satterwhite, The Grooming Box, Nat'l Certified Master Groomer
"I finally got my bathing beauty. Only problem was I had finished all (of my) bath dogs for the day so I begged one of the techs to borrow her dogs. Oh my am I impressed. All these years saying I don't need one. Well shut my mouth. It is great! I think the hardest thing was to NOT hand scrub the dog. I kept wanting to so badly. I think I might have hand to dog withdrawal. Thanks Curtis! I love my new Bathing Beauty."
- Kathy in KY
"Just saying, yes it is 6 am and I am leaving for the airport at 7 am. I took a fully coated adult Siberian down to bath and blow out some (more of an assurance of no ticks) . . . but wow. The Bathing Beauty has made my bathing experience unbelievable in comparison! I cannot believe I lived here without one for so long! Love it!"
- Lisa A. Amos, Shapali Reg'd Siberians
"I tell everyone about our bathing system and how their pet will benefit from the massaging bath. Even young puppies quickly adapt to the spray because we start off with low pressure and when they become accustomed to the spray, we gradually increase the pressure and they simply love it. I even use it at the end of the day to relax my hands by running cool water through it and massaging my arthritic hands, fingers and wrists."
- Velvet M. Satterwhite, The Grooming Box, Nat'l Certified Master Groomer
"I have had my bathing beauty for awhile now. I simply love it! It makes bathing so much more simple and it really gets the dog clean."
- Dot

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