"I purchased your elevator table & the LIPSystem and wanted to tell you that it is awesome! It didn't take me long to figure it out once I got going. It makes grooming so much easier."  - Abby's Grooming Station


"The LIPSystem was even a breeze to put on. It rolls great. All I have to do is lower, have the dog walk on, raise it, & roll it to the tub. This table has paid for itself in the first week." – Telah


lighttoppuppy.jpg"Thank you, truly. I am 53 years old and graduated from groom school in February and have been grooming steadily since then. The difference this system has made in my life is truly wonderful. I can actually enjoy what I do now." –Brenda 



"I have had my bathing beauty for awhile now. I simply love it! It makes bathing so much more simple and it really gets the dog clean." –Dot