Eliminate the hassle of towel drying with our innovative pet grooming dog dryer. 

Benefits of the Product

  • Stop using towels to remove the bulk water from a dog's coat. Let the High Velocity air flow strip the water from the coat while blasting out the loose/dead hair. Reduce laundry in a big way which saves you time, water, and money at the end of the day.
  • Water and hot energy savings due to reduced towel laundry requirements.
  • Improved safety for the groomer. Dryer unit and hose hangs along the wall to prevent trip hazards. Non-electrical air tube foot switch means you never have to touch the dryer unit itself.
  • Reduces brush-out time on every dog. The high velocity air flow tends to straighten out the hair and remove dead hair that slows down the brushing process
  •  Reduces fluff drying time dramatically. If you “two stage” dry your dogs (towel followed by a heated volume fluff dryer) the fluff drying process will be easier and fluff drying times will be reduced tremendously. The Hanvey High Velocity Water Stripper Dryer is intended to be the primary water removal system that will take the dog’s coat to a “slightly damp” state. This two stage drying process is the most efficient way to dry a dogs coat.
  • Reduced shedding after the groom. Since loose / dead hair is removed by the high velocity air flow there is less loose hair to “shed out” after the dog returns home from the groom.
  • No more overheated dogs or skin burns. Since the Hanvey Dryer relies on air speed to remove water from the coat rather than electrically heating air, it is impossible to overheat or burn a dog’s skin.
Hanvey Dryer - Standard
Hanvey Dryer- Standard 240 Volt

The mounted, foot switch operated dog dryer that will not twist hair as it dries.

Hanvey Dryer - Variable
Hanvey Dryer- Variable 240 Volt
Spare Part: 8' Hose Only
Spare Part: 8' Hose with Nozzle Assembly
Nozzle Assembly
Dryer Water Stripper Flat Nozzle Tip
Hi V Gold Carbon Brushes
Foots or Hand Air Bub Switch kit
Air Bulb with Tubing
Air Bulb
Replacement Pancake Filter for HI V Gold Dryer