The Hanvey Story - Innovations and Vision of a Groomer's Son and Engineer

Originally started in 1995 under the name Hanvey Specialty Engineering, company founder Curtis Hanvey Jr. had a passion to provide the pet grooming industry with innovative, time saving and stress reducing products that would revolutionize  the groomer's workday and their lives. As the son of a groomer and design Engineer, Curtis saw firsthand  the day-to-day struggles real world groomers faced on a daily basis. He was especially motivated by the reality that a groomer typically spent about half of their grooming time just handling the more difficult dog and "handling" a dog is time not spent grooming a dog. 

We are here to end groomer burn out! – Curtis Hanvey Jr.  

Curtis' passion to create cutting edge, long life, highly durable and useful products coupled with his "outside the box" vision led him to create the first version of the LIPSystem to overcome to the failures of the old-style grooming arm in 1990. The vision and product line has steadily grown ever since.  

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The perfect example of his ability to push the technology to new heights, Curtis has a 16 years old tradition of climbing on top of this Engineered LIPSystem on the Hanvey Elevator Table at trade shows around the country. In the above picture you can see that the Hanvey Elevator Table is set to its highest elevation so everyone at the trade show can witness the LIPSystem's unmatched strength while challenging LIPSystem imitations to do the same, if they dare. Of course, no copy system has accepted that challenge so he remains the king of the hill in regards to engineered grooming support innovation. Can you sit atop your current grooming arm?

All Hanvey products have this type of innovation we call the "Hanvey Edge". 

Over the first few years, many innovative products followed and soon the Hanvey name became a well known symbol of innovation in the grooming industry.  

We are here to end groomer burn out! – Curtis Hanvey Jr.  

In August 2010, Curtis, with the assistance of his sons Christopher and Ryan, expanded their product line and formed Hanvey Engineering and Design, LLC. Both of his sons are are bringing fresh new ideas for future product expansion of the Hanvey line. 

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