A carefully engineered design allows you to achieve a clean, finished groom in half the time. 

About the HairVac

A precision clipper vacuum system guaranteed to make grooming easier. The hair gets vacuumed away while the grooming is in progress resulting in a prettier finish and faster processes. With a wide selection of sizes to choose from, every groomer will have an option for any type of coat. 

All of our HairVac Products come with a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee. 

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Precision Clipper Vacuum System


The swivel attached your suctionhead to the hose

Hairvac Swivel

Hairvac Wall Mount Bracket

Hairvac Wall Mount bracket
Hairvac Precision Ultra-Lite Suctionhead

Precision Clipper Vacuum System

HairVac II
HairVac Mobile
Shop Vac Upgrade Kit

Spare part for both the HairVac I and II

8' Hose

Spare part for both the HairVac I and II

10' Hose
Base Plates: AGC
Base Plates: AGP
Base Plates: EXCELL/ SMC2
Base Plates: AG-BURG
Base Plates: AG-BLACK
Base Plates: OSTER A5/DK
Base Plates: LAUBE
Base Plates: KM1 /2