With adjustable legs and a solid top, these tables are built to be durable and reduce groomer's stress. 

About the Product 

Our hydraulic elevator tables are made in a 1" thick top to reducing the bowing from heavy dogs. Large wheels attach to the base of the table for easy rolling and movement. These tables can hold up to 795 pounds and are guaranteed to last for many years with a heat-fitted pebble finish covering. Our unique hydraulic elevator system allows groomers to never strain their back while picking up a heavy dog.

A sturdy, hydraulic table built to save your back and support large dogs.

42" Big Boy Hydraulic Elevator Table w/Comfort Blue Top
42" Big Boy Hydraulic w/ Shark Top
36" or 42" Electric (Blue/Shark)
36"or 42" Electric with Lipsystem (Blue/Shark)
36" Adjustable Leg (Blue/Shark)
42" Adjustable Leg (Blue/Shark)