Bathing Beauty

A professional dog power wash system for high performance, professional dog groomer. Make more profits by cutting bathing times by 60% or more while getting a deeper, more thorough cleansing action.

About the System 

The Bathing Beauty Dog Washing System is an amazing grooming product that will not only cut dog bathing time in half and save on hot water consumption, but will also get pet coats cleaner than fingers. Similar to a dishwasher, the Bathing Beauty uses high pressure and high volume soapy water to flush the hair of all the dead hair and dirt. An added bonus is the Hydro-massage. Dogs love the therapeutic hydro-massage and will be more relaxed for their entire visit; in turn lessening groomer stress.


  • A wet de-shed system
  • Cut bath time in half
  • Reduce shampoo usage by more than half 
  • Stop finger scrubbing and power washing
  • Use as a bathing system or as a wet process shedding hair removal system

Parts and Specifications

  • Eliminates the constant adjustment of water temperature experienced with conventional bathing.
  • Reduces hot water consumption by 1/2 or more, saving you money on your hot water bill.
  • Reduces shampoo usage. Not only this, but since the water has shampoo mixed in, the soapy water will soak down into the skin and start lifting dirt and grime without pre-wetting the coat.
  • Faster rinsing cycles. Rinsing can be completed in half the normal time or less.
  • Groom more dogs in less time with the ability to charge for hydro-massage.

The Hanvey Bathing Beauty dog washing system is a professional power dog wash system that will bathe your dog in less time and with less stress for you and your dogs.

Bathing Beauty System
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Bathing Beauty Hose and Nozzle Assembly
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Bathing Beauty Hose Only (2 Pack)
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